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Product Code: 45245
The most advanced whiteboard cleaner available. Unique Stay Clean
conditioning ingredient - once your whiteboards have been cleaned, they stay
clean for longer. All dry wipe ink will clean off with ease - no ghosting, no
smudging, and no ink residue left behind. Your pens will glide across the
surface, making it easier to write on. Also does what other whiteboard cleaners
claim but don't do - removes permanent marker, pen ink and other graffiti -
easily! Recommended for use with Show-Me boards.

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First year teachers delightReview by Haleigh V
This product has saved my butt multiple times! I've used permanent marker on my whiteboard too many times to count and this stuff makes it effortless to get rid of! Also great for removing stains that have been there for yeeeeears on mini whiteboards and even just on laminated paper it is GREAT! Love this product, its literally liquid gold. (Posted on 23/05/2018)
I shocked our staff by using a permanent marker on a white table topReview by Jack
At staff meeting I took an edding 800 black permanent marker and drew a thick line across one of our white table tops. Gasp, shock, horror. Then I confidently applied Magix Whiteboard Cleaner and Conditioner and proceeded to wipe off the permanent marker. There was no hard rubbing or scrubbing and everyone present got the point. Be aware you will need plenty of rags, because it draws up all the ink from the permanent marker. And it's a great whiteboard cleaner as well! I still consider this the best, most amazing product eeny meeny has. (Posted on 3/05/2017)
Awesome Product!Review by Tullulah
This product is absolutely AWESOME! Magix is good because even if students have forgotten to wipe their whiteboards, and they've been sitting for a while, this still removes it EVERY time! Thank you eeny meeny we couldn't be happier. (Posted on 13/09/2016)
A true magic productReview by Carla
The teaching staff love this one. It not only cleans extremely well it also conditions the whiteboard. This is the cleaner that the teachers are requesting time after time. Well worth paying that little extra for a superior product. (Posted on 24/09/2015)
Cleans at the speed of spray, no need to 'walk away'!Review by Jack
Our office staff agree this is the star in eeny meeny's product range. They advertise it as 'working like magic' and we have found even that term does not really cover the power of this product. People's responses when seeing a product in action reflect how much it impresses them. Magix astounds them every time! I love showing people the power of what's in the bottle. Whether it's cleaning off whiteboard markers (very easy) or permanent markers (very difficult on most surfaces), Magix is literally a spray once, wipe once. Even on our white tables, if permanent marker has been on overnight it wipes away with guaranteed no scrubbing. Literally the best, most amazing product eeny meeny has. (Posted on 5/08/2015)

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